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Stermy-Do: The Weapons of a Master
Monday, April 27th 2009 at 05:57:59 PM

Today we launch the first installment of the Stermy-Do series of instructional guides here at Stermy-Do means 'the way of Stermy' and each edition will cover a different aspect of mastering the game of Quake Live.

The first guide is called "The Weapons of a Master" which talks of the basics regarding each weapon. It has a brief description of each weapon followed by Stermy's own words on each regarding how to use it as well as what he thinks of each. Now begin your training warriors!

Weapon #1

Gauntlet (GT): 

Damage Per Shot: 50

The Gauntlet is an almost useless weapon that has minimal uses. In order to use it effectively, you have to be able to get very close to the opponent and hit them with it. It can be used as a finisher but is mostly used as a way to disrespect an opponent.

"The gauntlet is not an easy and useful weapon to use during combat. I only use it when it comes down to really close fights when I don`t have other weapons, especially during Team Deathmatch games. Almost useless in Duels, unless you wanna 'punish' your opponent."

Weapon #2

Machinegun (MG)

Damage Per Shot: 5

Damage Per Second: 50

The Machine Gun is a great long distance weapon if utilized correctly. It should be used as a last resort in most cases, however. If you know your opponents health is low, the Machine Gun is a perfect way to finish them from afar.

"The Machinegun in Quake Live is one of the strongest weapon in my opinion. If you have really good aim it can do alot of damage also from really far away, because it`s so precise. Really useful to take away your enemy`s armour or finish him off. Don`t underestimate the power of this weapon in both Duels and Team Deathmatch!"

Weapon #3

Shotgun (SG)

Max Damage Per Shot: 110

The newly powered Shotgun is an amazingly versatile weapon. From medium to close range, it delivers effective damage against most weapons. It's only drawback is the randomness of its bullets. It is rarely consistent enough to predict how much you are taking off at medium ranges. Nonetheless, it is a great finishing weapon and up close is a great choice in most situations.


"Ohh the shotty! This weapon is much more powerfull compared to before, especially from short range. Use it at your advantage in close combats, especially if your enemy is running straight at you or behind corners. It will deal alot of damage and can be used in many situations."

Weapon #4

Grenade Launcher (GL)

Damage Per Shot: 100

Think of grenades as timed rockets. They both have similar damage and splash radius. The key to using them is to set them in areas that your opponent might be going to in a second or two or to cover a doorway they might want to enter. Using them in straight up fights is not the smartest thing as the risk is very high that you will hit them direct or at all.

"The Grenade Launcher is mostly a defensive weapon in my opinion. I use it most of the time to make sure the enemy doesn't get on a certain spot of the map, or for not letting him take advantage of my position You can also use the nades to slow the enemy down and cover a doorway. It`s a really hard weapon to use in 1v1 fights, but if you manage to get some air grenades frags, be sure to have recorded your demos to show your friends!!"

Weapon #5

Rocket Launcher (RL)

Damage Per Shot: 100

Probably the most versatile weapon, the Rocket Launcher is a great choice in almost all situations medium to close. Not only will it bounce the opponent into the air with a well shot rocket to the feet, but if you miss it will likely still harm them with the splash damage. In addition, spamming the into doorways creates a fast damage blockade to entry as well as. Use with care and you will not find many fights in a disadvantage. The only obvious disadvantage is if you are shooting upwards at an opponent.

"The Rocket Launcher is one of the most versatile weapons in the Quake Series in my opinion. You can mainly use it from short to medium range and it`s one of the most used and powerful weapons in the game. It can be used in both offensive and defensive gameplay, but also for doing many tricks or to run away in difficult situations. It`s probably the weapon I and the other pros use the most (beside the rail gun for me of course!), and on special maps like on qzdm6, thanks to the rocketjump tricks, it lets me take full control over the map. I use it mainly for close combats and on floor advantage positions, but also to cover doors and spam around for extra damage and not let the enemy get into certain spots. It`s hard to use while your enemy is in the air, and I always suggest to use other kind of weapons like Lightning or Railgun on those situations, but hey, if you like to be in a video for an air frag, give it a try sometimes."

Weapon #6

Lightning Gun (LG)

Damage Per Shot: 7

Damage Per Second: 150-110 Depends on distance

If you have good aim with hitscan weapons, nothing can top the Lightning Gun. Although it's damage is based on distance, the Lightning Gun has an advantage in that it pushes the opponent and it is continual. What that means is that if you have the enemy in your crosshair, no matter what happens if you are within distance you will keep hurting them. Mix that in with decent dodging and you have yourself a supreme fight in any position.

 "The Lightning gun, a.k.a shaft, is one of the best weapon in the game in my opinion. It`s just so useful in so many different situations and powerful. It lets you take out your enemies health/armour in a heart beat, especially if they are jumping/running on high speed without strafing around. I personally use it almost in every situations if I have it. Master your aim and take advantage of this weapon, it will be ridiculously useful. Be careful to not run out of ammo, it`s really easy to finish it fast, since sometimes you have to spam the fire buttons while the enemy is coming out from corners. If you managed to trap your enemy and let him take a jumpad, consider him fragged if you have the shaft."

 Weapon #7

Railgun (RG)

Damage Per Shot: 80

The Rail Gun has no comparison from afar. But the recently reduced damage makes it less of a primary weapon and more of a supporting weapon. It is not hard to use, but it can turn the tide of a match when used right. All you need is the ability to see your opponent and click your fire button. Unless of course they do that to you first. The Rail Gun is best used in a peek and shoot way.

"Ohhh I love you rail! For me this hitscan weapon is one of the most skilled weapons to use in the game. Luckily for alot of people, but maybe not accepted by most, in Quake Live it`s easier to hit with it. As a matter of fact, probably most of the people can hit atleast over 40% right now. I have been mastering this weapon for years and use it in so many different ways and situations. Just so you know, I ZOOM ALOT. You don't see it from my demos or videos, but I shoot with railgun with my zoom ON 90% of the times. I use it from medium and long range, as well as in the air. There are so many ways to aim with it, and it`s not as easy as you may think. I have half of my arm on the desk/mousepad while I play, this lets me move and aim in different ways depending on the weapon or situation. With this weapon for example, I aim while moving mostly with my arm with smooth and slow movements, but I also use my wrist for small flick shots especially from medium range or floor positions. You will never see me doing crazy flickshots if I have the enemy in front of me, I believe it`s not accurate even if it might work sometimes. When you gain a certain experience and aim with it, you will be able to take advantages even in bad positions and let people take armours/mega and taking it away instantly, to then get in a better position or in control of the map for the next battle."

Weapon #8

Plasma Gun (PG)

Damage Per Shot: 20

Damage Per Second: 200

Do not be deceived by the Plasma Gun. It is an excellent defensive AND offensive weapon. Used primarily in defense, this weapon is most effective when spamming it into doorways and paths of the opponent to keep them back and make it hard for them to get through. It is a very effective weapon against Lightning Gun at close to medium close ranges, as well as Rocket Launcher and Shotgun if used right. It's main drawback is its randomness. It is a predicting weapon and the skill os use is based around this.

"I use the Plasma Gun mainly in close combats, around corners and spam it in front the enemy while he`s railing you. I also use it for spawnfragging from long range combined with the Rail Gun... few plasma shot hits before the spawn, then switch to rail while he`s on the screen and he gets hit by your plasma balls and you got the frag. It`s really hard to master, but it works fairly well. It`s a really hard weapon to use overall, and it`s not super precise. Spam alot with it when possible and also remember that it works really good if the enemy is strafing in front of you. Follow his strafe with the plasma fire and you will get alot of damage for sure. Master some small tricks with it as well."

 Weapon #9

Chaingun (CG)

Damage Per Shot: 8

Damage Per Second: 80-160 (based on fire rate)

An excellent weapon if used right, the Chaingun takes a second to warmup before it really hits hard. That is it's downfall. However, this weapon is good from any distance against any weapon, even if used on only a few maps.

 "The Chaingun is not used in Duels, Team Deathmatch or Clanarena right now. It`s a powerfull weapon and its fire rate is really high but it also have a downside: the ammo finishes really fast. Use it at your advantage almost at every range. Unfortunately it doesn`t shoot instantly, so one of my suggestions is to spam some "clicks" on your mousepad while going around, so you can get some milliseconds advantage while you are approaching the fight with your enemy."

Weapon #10


Damage Per Shot: 100+

Used mostly in FFA, the BFG is far superior to most. It's main drawback is its low amount of ammunition. It should be used like a fast shooting Rocket Launcher. It has no equal. 

"THE FFA weapon. It`s super powerful and hard to reach in most ffa maps. You can use it pretty much like a rocket launcher, however, it has low ammo from the start."

Weapon #11

Nailgun (NG)

Damage Per Shot: ?

The Nailgun is similar to the Shotgun only that its nails it shoots can bounce off of walls to create ricochet damage. The delay in its shooting makes it a very hard to use gun in CTF but it still remains very effective when used right.

 "The first time I played with 'the nailgun' was in Quake 4, however, the Nailgun in Quake Live is totally different. I personally haven`t used it quite much on my CTF games. It kinda reminds me of the flack gun in Unreal Tournament. Do not use it from far away, think about it as a shotgun with bouncing bullets and try to use it in the same way. Gain advantage off the bouncing especially close to walls!"

Weapon #12

Proxy Launcher (PL)

Damage Per Shot: 100

The Proxy Launcher is a CTF only weapon, used to lace walls with its mines to prevent opponent advancement. When you get within a certain distance of these mines, they will explode and they usually will cause major damage. To avoid them, you must shoot them. But they are hard to find if used well.

"This is another new weapon for me. I use it mainly to 'ambush' some powerups or zone during CTF but also for tricks as you can rocketjump on it and get a powerful boost."

That is all for the first Stermy-Do guide. Keep all of this advice in mind when playing to really improve your weapon selections game. Check back here at for the second guide coming soon as well as all news pertaining to Stermy!

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